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calculating... September 2, 2021

Adventure Awaits: Chef V x Fremantle Octopus for Tourism WA

Adventure Awaits!

Here is the compressed version of the video Chef Vincent Lim (Chef V) did in collaboration with Tourism WA, featuring Fremantle Octopus.

Chef V said…

“I am thankful to get an opportunity to promote our beautiful Western Australia and local produce to the international stage.

We are so blessed with beautiful nature and amazing produce. Team from TWA and Kumparan. You guys are amazing to work with 🙌. I truly enjoyed this experience

Super host Sasha making everything running smooth.  Lobster , octopus , prawns are waiting for you in Perth 😄

Videographer team for your dedication and many days and nights on the phone with me while producing the video.

Team from Fremantle Octopus Emma Davison Hudson Wheeler your assistance was a big part of this production.

Last but not least, family, friends and teman Kumparan who join this Adventure Awaits program , watch the video , sending me positive feedback.

Stay tuned for more adventures to come.

Next week I will have a live food talk show for wechat channel live across Singapore, Malaysia, China and WA . Stay tuned!

Thank you and stay safe.

See you soon in WA”

We hope you enjoy the highlights…

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