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Fremantle Business Awards: Excellence in International Trade

Every year the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce host the Fremantle Business Awards, celebrating all the fantastic businesses (Small, Medium and Large) in the Fremantle area, from a wide range of industries.

In 2021, Fremantle Octopus was nominated for the ‘Excellence in International Trade: Import/Export’ category.

This award highlights the growth and success of a business in international markets over the previous 12 months.

Despite Covid19 effecting many businesses over this time, Fremantle Octopus was able to successfully navigate the uncertain climate and have significant sales growth in regions throughout Asia (Including China), the Middle East and the USA.

There has been a major shift in the thought process of consumers when it comes to the food they eat, by placing more of importance on seeking healthier and more sustainably sourced foods.

As demand increases, so does the innovation of the Fremantle Octopus team. Ensuring that they are forever evolving by making positive changes to their fishing equipment, fishing techniques, processing procedures and all-around operations.

Doing so ensures that Fremantle Octopus continually set the standard around the world for sustainable Octopus fishing. Whilst always delivering the world’s best Octopus to consumers worldwide.

Fremantle Octopus were proud to be announced as the winner for ‘Excellence in International Trade’ at the 2021 Fremantle Business Awards.

Congratulations to all the winners, listed below…

  • Excellence in Creative Industries – Dec the Malls
  • Excellence in Marine, Engineering and Defence Project Delivery – Echo Yachts
  • Fremantle Business of the Year – Warders Hotel & Emily Taylor
  • Contribution to Fremantle – Fremantle Tours
  • Best Hospitality – Lions & Tigers
  • Mayor’s Award for Sustainability and Initiative – Metis Design & Engineering
  • Excellence in Commercial/Residential Property Development – MyHome by Michelle Blakely
  • Best Retail and Overall People’s Choice – Paper Bird Children’s Books & Arts
  • Best Local Product – Republic of Fremantle
  • Excellence in Professional and Service Industries – Terra Rosa Consulting
  • Excellence in International Trade – Fremantle Octopus

A big thank you must go to the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce for all their fantastic work!


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