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calculating... November 29, 2016

Fremantle Octopus Exports to the USA

Following four years of development, the successful introduction of Fremantle octopus into the USA East Coast market is complete with the arrival of a sea container of frozen octopus into New York last week.

In the past air shipments have been sent regularly during a phase of introducing the Tetricus species of octopus to the American market.

“The ability to now provide sea container shipments to the American East Coast gives us the opportunity to provide the world’s best octopus to elite US outlets. It follows 4 years of developing the market together with our US distributors, Liberty Seafoods based in Philadelphia who have done a wonderful job in presenting our product to the US.”

Fremantle Octopus was the star at the Inland show attended by chefs from the regions that were ecstatic about the texture and flavour of the Fremantle octopus. Many said it far exceeded the quality of Spanish octopus traditionally supplied to that market. The way in which the product was handled and packed came to the fore showing a freshness not seen in the USA before.

Liberty Seafood’s Jonathon Goldstein commented:

Our family’s involvement in Australian seafood products commenced in 1954 with the first shipment of crayfish tails to the USA.

We are proud of our partnership with the Australian fishing industry and we are ecstatic about this new iconic Australian product; Fremantle Octopus’s Best-in-the-World Octopus! We have worked for years to develop a grass-roots following amongst a few very discerning distributors and chefs with a keen eye for excellence in this product.

Now, we will be able to further develop this most-amazing octopus now that Fremantle Octopus is able to supply sufficient quantities by sea container shipment. We are very excited and proud of both this product; it’s wonderful and unique presentation and the people of Fremantle Octopus.

What we love most is when someone tastes this product. It’s NOT just another octopus! It IS the best!”

“The future looks very good for such a world class product and it is very satisfying to have developed it to this stage.”

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