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calculating... November 30, 2020

Time to ‘UnWined’

Over the weekend (November 27-28, 2020), Fremantle Octopus took part in the 'UnWined' Festival in Subiaco.

‘UnWined’ is the perfect way to enjoy the best of WA’s wine, craft beer, cider and spirits, all over one weekend. 

With 45+ companies from regions across our extraordinary state, guests were also able to explore the incredible tastes you may not normally have access to!

Such as Fremantle Octopus – who served up their famous Fremantle Octopus on-a-stick, whilst also offering their beautiful Marinated Octopus product mixed through 2 amazing salads they had created.

What a great event, with a relaxing vibe for all of your family and friends to enjoy!

See you there in 2021!

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