Discover more about sustainable octopus fishing and how the world’s best octopus makes its way from the ocean to your plate.


Our Skippers and their crews love and care for the ocean life.

MSC certified Fremantle Octopus is sustainably caught in the pristine waters around Western Australia’s coast. We operate across three distinct managed fishing zones, spread across 2,880 kilometers of coastline, stretching from Shark Bay to the Great Australian Bight.

R&D For Sustainability

Innovations that continue to revolutionise the octopus fishing industry.

The Trigger Trap – developed and patented by Octopus wholly-owned Technologies, a subsidiary of Fremantle Octopus in Australia – revolutionised octopus fishing. The patented trigger trap is now the dominant gear type in the octopus fishing industry in Australia.

Most major octopus fisheries in the world utilise trawling methods that indiscriminately capture other species, whereas the trigger trap is designed to catch only octopus. Even in the unlikely event a pot setup breaks loose, it cannot continue to lure and catch, known as ‘ghost fishing.’

Another design consideration is the opening size and angle, ensuring that other sea creatures cannot become trapped. Once an octopus has triggered the trap, it is securely housed until retrieval by our fishermen.


As a vertically integrated fishing, processing and wholesaling operation, we control every facet.

Octagonal and Midas Touch are two of our newest specialised octopus fishing vessels. They feature specially designed tipper-roller mechanisms to make bringing in the day’s catch faster, safer and more efficient for our fishermen.

Proprietary data monitoring systems throughout the process ensures granular catch information is recorded and analysed, providing octopus size and weight details, as well as other quality control metrics, to ensure traceability and full transparency along the supply chain.


So fresh you can still taste the ocean.

We perfectly time our trucks to meet the boats at their nearest dock, ensuring an unbroken chain of custody right through to our processing facility, located just a stone’s throw from Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

The still new, Fremantle Octopus facility, completed in 2018 was specially designed and purpose-built for octopus processing and production.

Fremantle Octopus tentacles are washed, cleaned, graded and hand selected for weight and length before being prepared in one of three ways: raw-frozen, steam-cooked, or steam-cooked and then marinated.