Product Label

Raw Fremantle Octopus

Our flagship product, exported and adored worldwide. Raw Fremantle Octopus tentacles are washed and hand-graded by our product specialists, before being naturally tenderised in the snap-freezing process.

Western Australian octopus is considered to be the best eating octopus in the world due to the abundance of its favourite foods, including lobster, crab, and scallop.

A unique species of octopus with a fussy diet, Fremantle Octopus has a lobster-like sweetness with a succulently rich, al dente texture.

From WA’s pristine waters

Western Australia has a well-earned reputation for the world’s finest produce, including our wine regions, grass-fed beef, Western Rock Lobster and, or course, Fremantle Octopus. We invite you to experience the taste from a place like no other.