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Cooked Fremantle Octopus

This premium-grade octopus is steam-cooked to retain the beautiful flavour and frozen to seal in all its goodness. Ready to serve and easy to use in the restaurant or home kitchen.

Western Australian octopus is considered to be the best eating octopus in the world due to the abundance of its favourite foods, including lobster, crab, and scallop.

A unique species of octopus with a fussy diet, Fremantle Octopus has a lobster-like sweetness with a succulently rich, al dente texture.

Locally prepared octopus

Fresh, wild-caught Fremantle Octopus is steam-cooked before it’s added to a delicate marinade of chilli, garlic, parsley and oregano. Our dedicated team lovingly hand-craft every serve of marinated octopus just a stone’s throw from Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

From WA’s pristine waters

Western Australia has a well-earned reputation for the world’s finest produce, including our wine regions, grass-fed beef, Western Rock Lobster and, or course, Fremantle Octopus. We invite you to experience the taste from a place like no other.